Expert Experience

Expert Experience - Alex Heath, How to support parents in the immediate aftermath of birth trauma

We are over the moon to to host Alex Heath, clinical hypnotherapist, occasional Birth Doula and parent.

Alex has been supporting parents as they have recovered from traumatic perinatal events, depression and anxiety since 2010 She began teaching the same therapeutic skills that she was using successfully with parents to birth professionals and HCP in 2016. Since then she has trained 100s of professionals in the skills, techniques and framework that can safely, gently and effectively lift trauma symptoms and support parents towards their own goals of recovery. 

This is a special webinar especially aimed at professionals who are supporting  parents at birth. In this session, Alex will cover :

  • What causes a birth to become a traumatic event
  • Understanding trauma symptoms from a neurobiological and experiential view point
  • Strategies for discharging trauma from the body the aftermath of trauma
  • Using language that can heal
  • Understanding and using Nocebos and Placebos


June 20, 2024
8:00 PM
9:30: PM
This event will be held online

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