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The first UK doula directory to have a ‘message all’ feature. Saving you time and making it even easier to find the perfect doula.

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An easily searchable list of doulas from across the UK, so you can find the perfect doula for you. We are the first UK doula directory to offer a ‘message all’ feature – saving you precious time!

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A private membership community, providing a safe space to grow as a doula, along with professional development and business support.

A warm welcome from Nicola & Gráinne

If you are a new parent or parent-to-be, huge congratulations on the birth of your baby or pregnancy. We are delighted that you have found Doula Near Me during these exciting times in your life.

Rest assured, you have come to the right place! We can help you find the perfect doula, as well as answer any questions such as ‘what does a doula do?’ or ‘how do I know if a doula is the right choice for me?’ 

Feel free to check out our FAQs or if you prefer you are welcome to contact us.

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If you are a doula, welcome, welcome, welcome! We are here for YOU! We can support you to grow your doula business, whilst surrounded by like minded people who thrive on seeing others succeed. 

Did you know that in 2021 there were over 600,000 babies born in the UK? There is no shortage of potential clients and by working together, to increase awareness around the value doulas bring to families, we can build strong and successful businesses.

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7 Ways To Avoid Unnecessary Pain In Labour

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7 Tips Every Doula Should Know

Our Doulas

The Doula Near Me directory is the place to find a doula to support you through pregnancy, birth or early parenthood.

We know better than anyone how hectic life gets once you discover that you are pregnant or once your baby has been born, which is why we have created a one-stop directory for you. We are doulas ourselves, we understand how important it is that you are able to find the right doula.

Our doulas work hard to effect meaningful change across the landscape of birth and parenthood within the UK. They are experts in pregnancy, birth and postnatal care and have a wide range of experience including :

We also have doulas who specialise in working with vulnerable women and pregnant people who have been trafficked or are victims of domestic abuse.



This is an amazing membership. You get fabulous support, business boost sessions, and so much more and even a doula cuddle meeting via zoom every month which I love. I’m able to ask any questions and more importantly help to get my doula business running as it should be. I’ve learnt so much already and have been able to really boost my business. It’s a great investment to have with the help of Grainne and Nicola.


I can absolutely vouch for Grainne. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for all her support, knowledge and unwavering belief in me, I would have not shaken off the imposter syndrome. She encouraged me endlessly to believe in myself and was generous enough to point so much work towards me too. She doula’s the doula!

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