Guidelines for Doulas

At Doula Near Me we are passionate about promoting the doula profession and therefore we ask that all our members agree to adhere to the following guidelines. This allows us to ensure that everyone who comes in contact with any of our members or partners is served professionally and in a way that upholds the integrity of the work we do. 

  • Give the service you would like to receive: Respond to all enquiries via the Doula Near Me directory wherever possible within 24hrs and where not possible within 48 hours. If you are away, please consider setting an out of office so a potential client can be aware as to when they can expect to hear back from you.
  • Give potential clients the best chance of finding their perfect doula: Keep your Doula Near Me directory listing up to date.
  • Stay safe: Ensure that you manage your safety, especially when working alone and/or meeting clients for the first time. Familiarise yourself with how to do things such as ‘drop a pin’ for your location or arrange check-ins at set times with others. If you have any concerns about how to plan safe ways to work alone, please contact us and we can help you plan ways that will work for you.
  • Share the love: Display the ‘Listed on the Doula Near Me directory’ badge on your website with a link to the homepage. You will recieve this badge in your welcome email upon starting a membership. Alternatively, view and download here.
  • Keep doulas credible: Ensure that your practice is evidence-based. There are plenty of online resources where you can check research and facts, as well as the Doula Near Resource Library. In addition, you can always pop a question in the private Facebook group.