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We will give you the tools and business support to take the frustration and overwhelm away, so you can focus on what you love to do - Doula-ing!

When you trained to be a doula did you realise that you would also need to be your own:

By our very nature, as doulas, we will always make our clients the first priority. This is often at the expense of time that other entrepreneurs use to develop and grow their businesses.

Do you spend time pondering the question “how can I be a kickass doula, a savvy business owner and still have time to enjoy life?” If so, keep reading…

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We can help you achieve the right balance for your doula business.

Just take a moment to imagine a world where a potential client opens their search engine to find a “Doula Near Me” and up pops your profile, looking slick and professional, with an easy and instant way for them to contact you without you having to be an expert in sales pages or SEO.

Do you dream of having access to a library filled with editable contracts, client forms and checklists, that you could simply add your personal branding and, hey presto, you have a suite of documents with your business branding ready to go, and looking fabulously professional?

How about if you had access to a library of research & resources with the click of a mouse that contains catalogued links that you can pick up and share quickly with your clients? Providing clients with credible and reputable information can be time consuming but it’s a business necessity if you want your doula practice to be of the highest possible standard.

Are you struggling to find the time and money to regularly attend learning events to continue to grow your doula knowledge? Guess what? We’ve got you covered! We offer monthly Expert Experiences, which are learning events led by an industry professional. We do all the planning, you simply log in and enjoy building your professional knowledge.

Does your enthusiasm for building your business peak and trough or do you find the isolation of self employment difficult to overcome sometimes? Let us help you banish that for good; Join our Facebook community where we offer you regular hints and tips on how to build your business as well as a live monthly session where we dive more deeply into a wide range of business techniques. You need never again, sit alone, staring at a blank screen.

Look no further!

Doula Near Me provides you with everything you need to boost your doula business, whilst enjoying being part of a community of like-minded doulas.

We cannot wait to welcome you

Sounding too good to be true? We can assure you that it isn’t! Our doula membership is ready and waiting for you. We have been exactly where you are right now as business-owners, we understand the overwhelm and struggle to keep yourself motivated, that is why we have created this amazing community just for you. With our doula business support, you can take charge of your business and achieve great things.

If you’re ready to build your business, find ways to save time and create a branded, professional doula business, then you are in the right place!

Your Doula Business

Without Doula Near Me 👎
With Doula Near Me 👍
Spending hours and hours trying to locate potential clients, without really knowing where to start.
An SEO optimised, professional profile marketing you to new parents
Experiencing imposter syndrome when seeing other birth businesses resources and templates
Confidently showing off your own branded resources. Feel ready and prepared with our doula business support
Feeling alone in your doula work, struggling to find people who ‘get it’ enough to be able to support you when times get tough
Having a go-to place where you feel safe to ask even the smallest of questions and knowing you will be fully supported.
Struggling to find time and money to continuously develop you and your business
In control of your business with a flexible development programme offering you monthly learning and reflection opportunities
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Have we met yet?

A very warm hello, we are Nicola & Gráinne.

Doula Near Me is our shared vision to provide doula business support, helping doulas build successful businesses. We both feel passionately that all women and birthing people should have the option to have a doula. We regularly meet lots of fabulous doulas who tell us that they are struggling to get consistent work. We know from our own experience, that when you run your doula business well, there is no shortage of clients wanting to work with you and with more that 640,000 births in UK each year, every doula business should be thriving.

We often see the business side of being a doula causing ‘analysis-paralysis’, with doulas feeling overwhelmed or unable to scale their career. Our mission is support all doulas to reach their potential and to help them enjoy the journey along the way.

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