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Doula Near Me

Dedicated to doula-ing the doula

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Our Aims

Provide practical and business support for doulas – doula-ing the doula!

Provide parents-to-be and families an easy way to find a doula via our doula directory.

Grow an organisation dedicated to helping its members succeed both as doulas and as business owners.

Promote the role of birth and postnatal doulas so that it is understood, recognised and valued.

To share current evidence, topical and related reading materials with our members to support their evidence-based practice.

To bring doulas together with a common sense of purpose and belonging, with integrity and enthusiasm for the profession.

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Our Mission

To raise the profile of the doula profession among healthcare professionals in maternity services and mainstream media.

As well as to ensure that every parent or parent-to-be knows that having a doula to support them is an option.

We work strategically to raise the profile and visibility of doulas and to effect meaningful change across the landscape of birth and early parenthood within the UK.

Locally, we help families to find the right doula to meet their needs.

Our Offer

Doula Near Me offers doulas a professional and inspiring community, which provides CPD opportunities and business support so you can get serious about growing your doula business.

Doula Near Me also offers parents the chance to connect with local doulas by using our modern doula directory.

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Our values

The Core of our Work

To support all people using maternity services, both in the UK and around the world, to know that all of their choices are a PERSONAL CHOICE.