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Hi there! I am Natalie, The Dragonfly Doula...

I have been a doula, hypnobirthing instructor and mindful breastfeeding practitioner since 2000, after turning 40 and completely changing career direction from Secondary Spanish Teacher of 16 years. Now I'm on a mission to ensure that I offer my families the complete support and care that they need and deserve!

Now, here's the twist – I've got three amazing children of my own, yet I only stumbled upon the wonders of doulas and the eye opening world of hypnobirthing after my trio made their grand entrance. If I could hit rewind, I'd totally be tempted to have another baby, armed with the knowledge and skills I've got now.

Unfortunately, life doesn't come with a rewind button, so now my goal is all about sharing my learning and the nifty skills in my toolkit with others as they prepare to meet their new arrivals. I want to make sure that every birth story is brimming with positivity and empowerment.
My first go at motherhood didn't quite unfold as I'd envisioned. Despite diving into piles of books and attending some NHS antenatal classes, I found myself woefully unprepared for the twists and turns of my birth experience. Like many others, I nodded along to the offer of induction without fully grasping the impact it could have long term.

Picture this: I ended up labouring solo on the antenatal ward, my birth partner sent home thanks to visiting hour restrictions. I consented to pain relief without truly understanding the side effects and the toll of navigating it all without support. Had I known the full picture, I might have been able to paint myself a very different story.

The aftermath? Trauma. My birth left me feeling shaken, affecting how I embraced those early weeks and months of parenting my son. But here's the silver lining – this experience lit a fire in me to become The Dragonfly Doula, ensuring no one else walks this path alone, mis- or under- informed. 
Following my experience during the birth of my eldest I dipped my toes into some antenatal yoga before the arrival of my second child. The breathing techniques I learned, the focus on staying cool, calm, and collected, and the unwavering support from my birthing partner – all  paved the way for birthing experiences that make my heart swell with deep love, immense pride, and pure joy! And, the birth of my third child was so smooth I would repeat it in a heartbeat!

Now, as a doula and Hypnobirth Instructor my aim is simple – to sprinkle that same magic on your journey. I will unravel the wonders of your incredible body, so that you can understand the natural dance it does during labour, and learn how to be the perfect dance partner, guiding your body with efficiency and grace.

Remember that feeling of support and reassurance from my birthing partner that I mentioned earlier?

That's what I'm here to offer you.

Advocating for your individual labour choices, holding space, so you can focus on the main event – birthing your baby! And then after birth I am here to hold space for you as you navigate your postnatal recovery, get to know your new baby and begin the journey as their parent. I can and will do everything within my power to make sure that you can rest, recover and enjoy those early weeks and months of parenthood!

Together, we can make your journey as magical as it deserves to be!

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Areas Covered

Surrey Heath

Hospitals Covered

Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital (RG24 9NA)
Frimley Park Hospital (GU16 7UJ)
Royal Berkshire Hospital Maternity Unit (RG1 5AN)
Royal Surrey County Hospital (GU2 7XX)
St Peter's Hospital (KT16 0PZ)

Experienced in

Biomechanics For Birth, Breastfeeding Support, Home Birth, Single Parents, Sling and Baby Carrying Support, Twins

Other services

Antenatal Education, Hypnobirthing, Rebozo

Additional training/ qualifications

Hypnobirthing Instructor- The Little Birth Company
Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner- The Mindful Breastfeeding School

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Latest Reviews

There are no reviews for this doula yet. Be the first to write one.

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